Startup Camp: Bulgaria is a partner country of the two-day conference in Berlin

The Bulgarian Minister of Economy Teodor Sedlarski meets with the Federal Minister of Economy and Energy Brigitte Zypries;

The two best Bulgarian startup companies make presentations before the jury of the Pitch marathon;

10 Bulgarian startup companies present themselves at the Startup Expo.

Berlin 28.03.2017 – as a place offering conditions for the development of the startup companies in Europe, Bulgaria has not yet expressed itself in a sufficient active manner. But the country can offer more than beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains. Indeed still in the results of economic activity, the share of industry, energy and tourism is the largest, but that should be changed soon – for some years the number of the startup companies sharply increased. Successful companies for creating and supporting entrepreneurs, such as Eleven and LaunchHUB, have already begun to finance successful projects. At the present moment, the IT sector has employed around 40 000 employees.

In order to present in Germany the activities of the startup companies in Bulgaria, the country participates as a partner country at the Startup Camps in Berlin. “When in 2004 we set in Berlin the topic for startup businesses, no one believed that the city would become its capital. Entrepreneurs are people who love walking down the unbeaten roads, see things from a different angle, see opportunities where others cannot, and became counterculture in the dominant culture. The scene of the startup businesses in Bulgaria is new and nobody talks about it, which I think is perfect for Startup Camp, because here we meet with companies for which people will speak only in 3 – 5 years.” Sasha Schubert said, Vice-President of the Federal Association of German startups and organizer of the conference.

The Bulgarian delegation is accompanied by the Minister of Economy of Bulgaria Teodor Sedlarski. He will open the event together with Florian Noell, chairman of the Association of German startups, and then he will be available as a spokesperson of the partner country.

Teodor Sedlarski: “We are extremely proud that Bulgaria for the first time participates in the Startup Camp as a partner country. I am convinced that we can establish meaningful relationships between startup companies, investors and institutions so that in the future to create permanent exchange between the two ecosystems.

10 startup companies participate within the partnership with the Startup Expo, which is held simultaneously with the conference. At the exhibition in the attractive surroundings of other selected startups the Bulgarian companies have the opportunity to present themselves before specialized audience, as well as before investors who are active on domestic and international background. Additionally two other startup companies participate in the Pitch marathon. Among the total number of 26 participants a jury of renowned professionals will chose the best business idea.

The meeting on the first night of the conference of Sedlarski with the German Minister of Economy and Energy Mrs. Brigitte Zypries was political peak within the partnership. She has already confirmed her participation in the Startup Camp, where from the main grandstand she will hold a closing speech.

“Startups are a driving force of innovations in our economy. The Startup Camp is an excellent opportunity for exchanging ideas and mutual acquaintance between entrepreneurs. Networks are of vital importance for startup companies. In this sense, the partnership with Bulgaria opens to startup business exciting perspective in international plan. Because the stage of startups and Internet know no borders and walls.” Brigitte Zypries said, Federal Minister in Economy and Energy.

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Startup Camp Berlin is the largest conference for startup business in its earliest stage and is directed to new entrepreneurs, established companies and investors. This year’s Startup Camp will be held on 7./8. April 2017 at the Humboldt University Berlin.

Brief review of all the information:
What: Startup Camp Berlin
Where: Humboldt University Berlin, 24Doroteenshtrase, Berlin
When: 7.-8. April 2017

Further information can be found on facebook and twitter # scb17, as well as at http://scb17.de.