Trade between Bulgaria and Egypt Grows by Nearly 40%

Trade between Bulgaria and Egypt Grows by Nearly 40%

Our trade with Egypt in 2022 reaches USD 828.34 million and marks a growth of nearly 40%. This became clear during a meeting between the Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stojanov and the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania H.E. Khalid Emara.

The past year also marked a large increase in purchases of Bulgarian cereal, with H.E. Khalid Emara saying that the Egyptian country continues to have a serious interest in importing wheat and sunflower from Bulgaria.

The two also commented on potential cooperation in the areas of automotive, energy and start-ups. Of particular interest to the Arab Republic is Bulgaria’s experience in the automotive industry. ‘It will be of great importance for Egypt for Bulgaria to participate with its experience and knowledge in various forums and events in our country,’ stressed H. E. Khalid Emara. Various initiatives aimed at the production of components for electric vehicles and software solutions in the sector were also discussed.

‘More meetings and joint events with business representatives from both countries are among the most important prerequisites for more joint projects,’ Minister Stojanov emphasized. He pledged to assist in the organization of such forums and proposed concrete initiatives aimed at the start-ups from both countries.