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The Business Initiative Union: Meetings of the Minister of Economy separately with each employer organisation in their headquarters has been a phenomenon for the last 30 years
August 12, 2022

The initiative of the Minister of Economy and Industry, Nikola Stoyanov, to visit the headquarters of employers’ organisations and talk to each of them separately during the first week of his administration is a peculiar phenomenon for the last 30 years. This was said by the team heading the Economic Initiative Union during their conversation with the Minister of Economy. They added that in such a difficult and intense period, this is an even stronger sign of the will to deepen the dialogue with business and use the expertise of business in making every important decision.

During the meeting, issues related to the gas crisis were discussed. The Economic Initiative Union welcomed the launch of a survey among businesses, which should give the experts from the Economic Department and the representatives of the Energy Headquarters at the Ministry of the Interior a picture of how many Bulgarian enterprises use gas, and how many can switch to another energy source in a crisis situation.

Nikola Stoyanov made clear that he and his team will maintain regular contact with all employers’ organisations during the time he is minister and will do everything possible to quickly solve the problems of Bulgarian manufacturers and industrialists.

The Economic Initiative Union pointed out the most urgent problems that, according to them, must be overcome in order to ensure a better business environment in our country. On the issue of business compensation, the employers proposed that working groups be established to comment in detail on each aspect of this process.

Minister Stoyanov is committed to work on all the problems that hinder the work of companies in Bulgaria, and to prioritise those that can be solved in a short time.

Within the discussions, the Minister of Economy accepted the Union’s proposal that the topic of the digital transformation of enterprises could be included as one of the horizontal priorities, for which effective solutions will be sought in thematic working groups with business in the coming months.

The idea of ​​representatives of the employers’ organisations participating in the annual meeting of trade attachés abroad was also commented on, in order to improve the relationship with business and identify measures to support Bulgarian exports.

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