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The Confederation of Employers and Industrialists of Bulgaria to Minister Stoyanov: The primary task is preparing for winter and making up for the time lost
August 11, 2022

More joint initiatives, operational dialogue on priority topics and use of the expertise of employers and trade unions in the formation of policies in the sector. These are some of the priorities that the Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov presented at a meeting with the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists of Bulgaria (CEIB). The conversation was on his initiative and continues the series of expert discussions on the state and future of the Bulgarian economy, which began with the participation of all trade unions and employers’ organisations from the first day of his taking office.

For businesses, the priority task is preparation of the economy for the coming winter and security of energy supplies, the CEIB emphasised. According to them, there are many question marks surrounding the Bulgarian Recovery and Resilience Plan, and this is a historic opportunity for our country, which we must use effectively. The rising prices of construction materials is another serious problem of the members of the Confederation. A better dialogue with the executive power was also requested in the monitoring of projects with European funding and taking into account the consequences of the global pandemic on the activities of enterprises.

“In the coming months, we will have full coordination with the Ministry of Innovation and Growth, so that we can offer the best measures for business,” Minister Stoyanov explained. He explained that an operational meeting has already been held with Minister Pulev and the dialogue between them will be permanent. “Our government will not have the comfort of dealing only with the organisation of elections because the problems are many and they demand an immediate solution,” he added. Among the topics that employer and trade union organisations put at the talks are security of energy supply, the Green Deal, measures to promote growth. “We have little time, and that is why we rely on businesses and unions to actively participate in the processes and provide feedback on the implemented policies,” Minister Stoyanov said.

On behalf of the employers’ organisation, the members of the CEIB Board of Directors, Stoyan Stavrev and Lyubomir Peynovski, took part in the meeting.

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