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The German practices against the theft of companies were presented to Minister Lukarski
April 11, 2016

The German and the European practices for prevention against the theft of companies were represented at the meeting to Minister of the Economy Bohzidar Lukarski, Deputy Minister Lyuben Petrov with Notary Richard Bock, Vice-President of the German Federal Notary Chamber / Bundesnotarkamer /, Christian Scholl, Head of the office in Brussels of the German Federal Notary Chamber and their Bulgarian colleagues Notary Svetlin Mikushinski, Vice-President of the Council of Notaries, Notary Chamber of Bulgaria and Notary Darin Trifonov, a member of the Council of Notaries, Notary Chamber of Bulgaria.

The Deputy Economy Minister stressed in front of the guests, that the efforts of the Bulgarian government are aimed at creating a sustainable, predictable and secure business environment in our country. Every investor should know that he is protected by the law in order to develop his business quietly and this has to create sustainable growth of our economic growth - said Deputy Minister Petrov. The representatives of the Council of Notaries summarized the prepared changes in the Draft of Law for alteration and amendment of the Criminal Procedure Code and the Draft of the Law for alteration and amendment of the Commercial Code, concerning the prevention of corporate thefts. Notary Richard Bock presented good practices from the German legislation against theft of companies, connected with the legal regulation of the Commercial Register and the security of business climate in Germany, the role of the Notaries as guarantors for the authenticity of the information, recorded in the Trade Register and others.

Minister Lukarski invited Notary Richard Bok and his colleagues to share the German experience within the next meeting of the National Economic Council, in order to be able in front of the employers' organizations to be presented and discussed the problems and the solutions for prevention of  the phenomenon "theft companies."

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