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The management of Sofia Tech Park JSC approves the tender documentation for the procedure on the selection of an investor in future development area No. 2 of the Science and Technology Park
April 4, 2017

The management of Sofia Tech Park JSC approved the tender documentation for selection of an investor in whose favour a permanent right of construction for consideration will be established in Zone 2 of the Science and Technology Park. The aim is to attract high-tech companies developing research and scientific activity that are an integral part of the ecosystem.

The construction plan of the park provides for the construction of ​​a multifunctional administrative service building with a gross built-up area up to 35,000 sq. m and an underground parking on two levels with a total area of the two underground levels up to 16,000 sq. m, situated on a plot of ​​8,140 square meters. The minimal area for landscaping according to the urban indicators of the Master plan of Sofia is 40%.

The competition procedure is open to all Bulgarian and foreign legal entities, including their associations that are not insolvent or in bankruptcy proceedings, have no rescheduled liabilities to the state or a municipality and are not related to the Contracting Authority.

The management of Sofia Tech Park JSC also approved the requirements to the participants in the procedure. Applicants will have to declare that the office space in the future building will be primarily intended for use by companies operating in the focus areas of the research and technology park - life sciences, information technology and clean energy. No less than 30% of the office space in the building should be used by companies with research and development in these focal areas of the park and meet the definition of a high technology company or medium high-tech company as adopted by EU indicators. The receiver of the building right will consider the implementation of these requirements at the request of Sofia Tech Park JSC, but not less than two times a year.

Bidders must submit a bank reference for granted or provided financial resources sufficient for the acquisition of a building permit and the construction of the proposed development, but not less than EUR 10 mln.

The minimum price for the purchase of the building rights determined by independent appraisers is BGN 7,461,300. The participant offering the highest price for the establishment of the right to build shall be selected as winner. The selected investor will be required to build and finish the whole building and all the surrounding sites within five years from the date of signing of the final agreement establishing the right to build.

Tenders should be submitted until 05th May 2017 inclusive, only on working days within the business hours of Sofia Tech Park JSC - from 9:00 to 17:30. Tenders and bids will be opened in a public session on 09th May 2017 at 10:30 hours at the office of Sofia Tech Park JSC.

The notice as regards the tender procedure was published on the website of Sofia Tech Park JSC, as well as on the website of the Ministry of Economy -

Moreover, on Friday, 7th April, a General Assembly of Sofia Tech Park JSC is convened, where the case with the gym used by the CSKA volleyball club will be discussed. As already reported and based on discussions with the co-chairpersons of the club, there is a positive attitude to solve the problem.

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