Over 400 stores across the country are now offering food at the lowest prices for consumers as part of the ‘Affordable for You’ initiative

Over 400 stores across the country are now offering food at the lowest prices for consumers as part of the ‘Affordable for You’ initiative

10 to 40% reduction reported on some staple foods for the first month of the campaign

In just the first month since the start of the ‘Affordable for you’ initiative, there has been a price reduction of at least 10% on some of the main food items, and in some products it has reached up to 40%. This is according to the results of the campaign of the Ministry of Economy and Industry based on a comparison of the prices of the goods offered compared to those before the launch of the initiative.

Some of the foods included in the initiative have seen price reductions of up to 40% in the last week. This is the case with oil, rice and oranges. For the cheese and yellow cheese included in the initiative, the reduction goes up to 22%. Among the best-priced products offered by other product groups are eggs, beans, chicken and yogurt.

The ‘Affordable for you’ initiative was launched exactly a month ago and its aim is to achieve the best prices for Bulgarian consumers of food products of basic necessity, as the lowest possible price is not at the expense of quality. It covers about 50 products from the so-called small consumer basket. Of these, at least 16 items per store must be marked with the campaign logo at all times. These include bread and cereals, pulses, meat and meat products, dairy products, eggs, fruit and vegetables, flour, sugar, vegetable oils and fats and, from the beginning of December fish as well.

‘Affordable for you’ was launched on 15 November with three of the nationally represented retail chains in about 200 stores across the country. For the first month, 13 partners have already joined, among which there are regional chains of shops from the districts of Varna, Burgas, Shumen, Targovishte, Sliven, Pleven, Pazardzhik, Sofia Region, etc. The number of retail outlets where consumers can find the goods is now over 400.

‘The ministry is continuing talks with other potential participants, with the aim of reaching every corner of the country,’ Economy Minister Bogdan Bogdanov commented. He said the next stage is to expand the initiative to include other necessities.

To make consumers more aware, the best-priced products of the initiative for that particular week are marked with the ‘Affordable for you’ logo in each store that is part of the campaign. The reduced products are also indicated in the content of the retailers’ brochures and digital publications. Information about the products can also be found on the campaign website https://dostapnozavas.bg , where partners in the initiative can also be found. The site also has a comparison of the shopping basket with 16 of the week’s most searched products and their price before and after the launch of the campaign.