Deputy Minister Irina Shtonova Opened the Next Level HR 2023 Forum

Deputy Minister Irina Shtonova Opened the Next Level HR 2023 Forum

It is of utmost importance that the state, business and academia join forces to find the right policy solutions to overcome the staffing problems. This was said by Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry Irina Shtonova during the opening of the Next Level HR 2023 forum. The event is organized for the second consecutive year by ‘Manager’ magazine

‘When we took office in August last year, the first meetings we initiated were with the employers and business organisations, and with representatives of foreign businesses in Bulgaria,’ Deputy Minister Shtonova said. In her words, during all these talks the main problem discussed was the shortage of staff and that is why the topic is among the key priorities of the Ministry of Economy.

Today’s economic challenges call for new measures in the area of recruitment and retention. It is necessary to promote interaction between science and industry, to stimulate investment in high added value industries and those that create sustainable employment, it was commented during the event. In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Economy commented that ‘investing in the training and retention of staff is not only a support for the development of the own business, it is also a support for the economic growth of Bulgaria’.

Deputy Minister Irina Shtonova Opened the Next Level HR 2023 Forum

Deputy Minister Shtonova pointed out that ‘despite major challenges at the international level, last year the labour market created a record number of new jobs and according to the latest data employment is at its highest level since 2008.’

The team of the Ministry of Economy and Industry continues to work for the wider introduction of dual training. A draft concept for its development at national level is under development. It is also to be discussed with the Ministry of Education and Science and employers’ organisations, she said.

The event brings together representatives from a range of companies, academia, NGOs and others. The People Management Professionals’ Forum, organised by ‘Manager’ magazine, this year puts the new way of working centre stage. During Next Level HR 2023, the most pressing HR topics such as the 4-day workweek, how diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are achieved, and what are the ways to put people first will be discussed.