Deputy Minister Irina Shtonova Inaugurated a New Investment for over BGN 23 million

Deputy Minister Irina Shtonova Inaugurated a New Investment for over BGN 23 million

The main priority for the Ministry of Economy and Industry is to improve the business environment in Bulgaria. This was said by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry Irina Shtonova during the opening of a new production line of beer in cans of Carlsberg Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad.

‘This is one of the truly significant events, because a global company like yours has not only chosen our country for its business, but also continues to grow here with a new investment of more than BGN 23 million,’ said Irina Shtonova. ‘The fact that you have positioned production in Bulgaria shows the company’s assessment of the opportunities for the development of your activities in Bulgaria,’ she added.

The Deputy Minister of Economy congratulated the company’s management for their actions in the area of green transition — nearly 150,000 kg of carbon emissions are saved in 2022. In this regard, she commented that ‘as a country, we welcome your efforts to limit the carbon footprint of your operations through energy efficiency programmes in manufacturing and distribution.’

So far, Carlsberg Bulgaria employs 500 people, and more jobs are expected to be created with the new production line. According to the company’s CEO Wojciech Zabinski, the company will continue to invest in its most valuable asset — the people who work there. The Ambassador of Denmark to Bulgaria H. E. Jes Brogaard Nielsen said that Carlsberg is one of the largest Danish companies operating in Bulgaria and is an example of how tradition, innovation and quality can be combined.

We would like to remind you that in October last year the Bulgarian Investment Agency awarded a Class A investment certificate under the Investment Promotion Act to Carlsberg Bulgaria for the investment for the expansion of its plant in Blagoevgrad with a new production building equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. A new ‘CAN’ production line for the production of beer in 0.5 l cans will be built there.

‘The Carlsberg Group is a Danish company, one of the world’s leading international beer producers, with a huge portfolio of different beverage brands. The company was founded in 1847 in Copenhagen by Jacob Jacobsen. Carlsberg is one of the most famous beer brands in the world and together with Baltika and Tuborg is one of the eight largest brands in Europe. More than 42,000 people work for the Carlsberg Group and products are sold in over 150 markets worldwide.

In September 2022, the two plants operating in Bulgaria, Shumen Brewery and Pirinsko Brewery, will combine resources and assets under the name ‘Carlsberg Bulgaria’.