Deputy Minister Shtonova: Bulgaria establishes itself as a good place for investment

Deputy Minister Shtonova: Bulgaria establishes itself as a good place for investment

Bulgaria maintains its economic stability and is increasingly establishing itself as a place with a secure and favourable investment climate. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry Irina Shtonova during the Annual Conference of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Gabriel with the heads of the overseas representations of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The main sectors for which Bulgaria is emerging as an investment destination are those of high technology, business services with added value, production of parts for leading global manufacturers, etc. “Our country is successfully attracting a significant number of large-volume projects in the electronics, outsourcing, chemical, transport equipment and machinery industries,” Shшonova said.

She emphasized that Bulgaria has registered an increase in exports and foreign direct investments, which is an important factor for the technological modernization and renewal of production, as well as for the development of innovative products and services and for improving competitiveness.

Deputy Minister Shtonova said that for the first six months of 2023 the exported goods from the country were worth 44.4 billion BGN. In her words, direct investments in Bulgaria from January to June 2023 are worth 1.8 billion euros.

“The work of our trade and economic representatives abroad is of key importance for increasing exports and the volume of foreign direct investments,” Deputy Minister Shtonova told the ambassadors. In a discussion with the representatives of the diplomatic missions, she assured that the interaction of the offices of trade and economic affairs with the ambassadors continues to be one of the priorities of the Ministry of Economy and Industry.