294 Approval of spirit drinks with a geographical indication

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Approval of spirit drinks with a geographical indication under the Act on Wine and Spirit Drinks

Promulgated, State Gazette No. 45/15.06.2012, effective 16.09.2012

Production of spirit drinks with a geographical indication shall take place:

1. in keeping with the rules of production as laid down in Regulation (EU) 2019/788 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019 on the definition, description, presentation and labelling of spirit drinks, the use of the names of spirit drinks in the presentation and labelling of other foodstuffs, the protection of geographical indications for spirit drinks, the use of ethyl alcohol and distillates of agricultural origin in alcoholic beverages, and repealing Regulation (EC) No 110/2008 and in this Act;

2. within a geographical region where they acquire their specific and/or definitive characteristics and qualities;

3. upon approval by means of an order of the Minister of Economy issued in accordance with Annex No. 10 of the Act on Wine and Spirit Drinks

To obtain approval for spirit drinks with a geographical indication, a producer or producers of spirit drinks shall apply to the Minister of Economy. (Article 155.)

The application provided for drinks with a geographical indication shall contain the applicant’s or applicants’ particulars (trader’s business name,domicile and registered office address, CCI) accompanied by:

1. a topographic map of the geographical area at a scale of 1:25 000, delineating the boundaries of the municipalities within whose territory raw material used to produce a spirit drink with a geographical indication is obtained. Indicated on the map shall be locality names, and the location and boundaries of areas under vines or fruit crops;

2. a soil profile map/sketch of the geographical area at a scale of 1:25 000 showing soil types;

3. summary information on the areas under vines or fruit crops in production;

4. information on the fruit varieties and the varietal structure of the planted areas referred to in (3);

5. summary information on the characteristics and qualities of grapes or fruit, i.e. sugar content, total acidity, content of particles, etc.;

6. description of authentic and unvarying local methods of producing the spirit drink with a geographical indication, i.e. harvesting, sorting and selection of raw materials, mode of transport, processing and fermentation methods, type and volume of fermentation vessels, distillation method, storage method, treatment methods, etc.;

7. summary information and documentary proof of the link between the spirit drink, its particular quality, reputation or other specific characteristics and its geographical origin;

8. certificate of analysis, issued by an accredited laboratory, evidencing that the key physical and chemical characteristics of the product concerned are in compliance with regulatory requirements;

9. a test report on the organoleptic analysis and assessment performed by the regional tasting committee;

10. a copy of the certificate of authenticity provided for in Article 10 (1), item 2;

11. a declaration of assurance for the correctness of the particulars given under paragraphs (3) to (7);

12. documentary proof of payment of a state treasury fee for document review as set out in the scale of fixed fees collected at the Ministry of Economy under the Stamp Duty Act.

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