Administrative Services

You may pay for the services, provided by the Ministry of Economy at the Administrative Services Unit via POS terminal or by bank transfer:

BIC code for payments in BGN: BNBGBGSD

SWIFT code of the BNB for payments in foreign currency: BNBGBGSF

Budget Account of the Ministry of Economy: IBAN: BG79 BNBG 9661 3000 1026 01

Into the budget account can be deposited or transferred:

• Amounts from property rentals;

• Fees and taxes under Decree of the Council of Ministers No.285 / 17 October 2011, amending and supplementing the Tariff for the fees and taxes, collected by the system of the Ministry of Economy under the State Taxes Act;

• Fees and taxes for the issue of a license under the Law on Narcotic Substances and Precursors Control (NSPCA);

• Taxes for the production of Optical disks;

• Fees and taxes for the production of alcohol, distillates and spirits;

• Fees and taxes under the Law on Foreign Trade Control on Arms and dual-use goods and technologies (FTCADUGTA);

• Incomes from purchased tender documents;

• Income from fines and penalties under Penal Decisions/Penalty Acts;

• Fees and taxes under the Law on Access to Public Information (APIA).


Accumulation accounts of the Ministry of Economy: IBAN: BG17 BNBG 9661 3300 1026 01

Into the accumulation account can be deposited or transferred:

• Tender participation Guarantees for Public Procurement Procedures;

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