Issuance of fire safety certificate

General information

The procedure for the issuance of fire safety certificate is regulated by ORDINANCE No 8121z-882 of 25 November 2014 on the procedure for state fire precautions control, promulgated in State Gazette, issue 15 of 16 February 2018, in effect as of 16 February 2018.


Important to know
Important to know

The certificate for compliance of a site with the fire safety requirements is not mandatory by law in all cases. You may need it when your site was built for performance of specialised activities (such as kindergartens, schools, etc.). For this purpose you have to carry out in-depth study.


In cases when such certificate is required, you have to file an application to the competent authority which makes the assessment as to the compliance of your site with the fire protection requirements, and therefore, issues or refuses to issue the certificate.


Where should I file the application?

Depending on the address of the site you have to file the application to the Director of the respective Regional Directorate “Fire Safety and Civil Protection" (RDFSCP), and for sites in the city of Sofia to the Sofia Directorate “Fire Safety and Civil Protection “ (SDFSCP).


What should the application include?

The written application should include as a minimum: data of the name / company name of the interested natural person or legal entity, unified identification code, registered address, address of management and correspondence address, full name of the person representing it, date and signature, telephone, fax or e-mail address, if any.

The template of the application to Sofia Directorate is available here.

Additional information regarding the templates to the other directorates are available at the respective websites.


What documents should be attached to the application?

The documents that need to be attached to the application include:

  • Copy of the permit to use the site, certificate for the commissioning or certificate of tolerance1;
  • Power of attorney with notary certification of the signature when the request is issued by an authorised person;
  • Document proving payment of the state fee.

The copies of the documents are filed bearing signature and seal verifying their fidelity („True copy of the original“). Please, bear in mind that the deadlines and the documents required in the procedure for the issuance of fire safety certificate may be different in the different Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Interior (MI).


Where is the application filed?

The application is filed with the respective Regional Directorate of the MI. The list of e-mail addresses of the different Regional Directorates  of the MI is available on the website of the Ministry of Interior.


What is the certificate issuance procedure?

In order to issue the certificate the fire safety and protection of the population authorities, exercising state fire precautions control, perform certification inspection and draw up a protocol.

Based on the outcome of the inspection the protocol contains an assessment of the compliance or non-compliance of the site with the requirements of the fire safety rules and norms.

If irregularities are found during the inspection, you will be notified to rectify those within thirty days as of the notice thereto with instruction that their non-rectification will result in termination of the certificate issuance procedure.

When the site meets the requirements, the certificate is issued. In all other cases you will be provided with a decision for refusal of the issuance of a certificate.



The state fee varies depending on the intended purpose of your site and it is determined based on TARIFF No 4 on the fees to be collected within the MI under the State Fees Act.



The term of validity of the certificate is five years.


For more information
For more information

For more information see the website of the Ministry of Interior.

1 Developments (buildings) completed up to 7 April 1987, for which no construction documents are available, but which were acceptable according to the then effective city zoning plans and according to the rules and regulations effective at the time of their construction or in accordance with this law, are tolerable developments and are not subject to demolition and ban for use.

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