Five days to go until the deadline for applications for sales representatives abroad


Five days are left until the deadline for applications for the competition announced by the Ministry of Economy and Industry for sales representatives in the Trade and Economic Affairs Offices (STIV) of the Republic of Bulgaria. The last day for applicants to submit applications is 17 November 2023. Due to increased interest in the competition, the original […]

Minister Bogdanov: Campaign for more affordable food prices launches on 15 November


As of November 15, prices for certain items in grocery stores will be lower. They will be branded with the “Accessible for you” logo. The aim of the initiative is to achieve permanently low prices for Bulgarian consumers, Minister of Economy and Industry Bogdan Bogdanov said on BTV. “Every store that has joined the campaign will […]

Minister Bogdanov: It is important to restore trust in institutions


State-owned enterprises are to join dual education development programmes “Whatever goals we set ourselves economically or technologically, we cannot achieve them without developing human potential. To keep and attract people to Bulgaria, the most important thing is to restore trust in the institutions so that there is predictability and a clear horizon for them and […]