General Information

A Business Guide for SMEs’ Questionnaire

General Information

What is this Business Guide about?

This web section represents a Guide containing user interface allowing you, as an entrepreneur or representative of the small and medium-sized business, to easily find guidelines as to how to deal with specific business situations related to the regulatory framework of the Republic of Bulgaria. The business situations / events are identified as a result of a survey carried out among representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) concerning the laws and administrative procedures small and medium-sized businesses face most frequently and which the respondents assess as the most complicated ones. The survey has encompassed questions on the whole lifecycle of SMEs – since the start of SMEs’ operations until termination.

What is the objective of this Business Guide?

The main objective of the Guide is to contribute to alleviating the administrative burden for SMEs and promote entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. The elaborated descriptions of the most complicated and most commonly applicable regulatory norms identified (related to the regulatory framework) should assist SMEs in better understanding and complying with the applicable legislative framework, in order to promote their business entrepreneurship and, thus, increase SMEs number.

Which is the Contracting Authority under the project for the development of this Business Guide?

The development of this Guide is part of the project Tools for Assisting SMEs in Bulgaria with Regulatory Compliance. The Ministry of Economy is beneficiary under the project, which is financed by the Structural Reform Support Service of the European Commission (EC).

How is this Guide structured?

The Guide is structured in a way summarising the business situations/ events that entrepreneurs face as part of the four major stages of the business cycle – starting up a business, business operations, change in the structure of the business and termination of the operations. Each of the four sections contains sub-sections further split into three levels of detail. The main sections are available through the menu on the left, where in the drop-down menu you can also see the sub-sections.

Important notice

The content of this Guide is intended solely to provide information and it is not to be deemed as comprehensive in respect to the above mentioned regulatory documents. The information provided in the Guide should not be construed as investment, legal or tax advice. If any such advice is needed, specific professional consultation should be sought prior to undertaking any action.

The Ministry of Economy keeps its right to change the information provided as part of this Guide at any time without prior notice. We recommend you check periodically whether updates have been made to the information provided on this website.

The Ministry of Economy may not be held liable where amendments in the regulatory framework lead to discrepancies with the information provided herein. We recommend you make yourself aware of any amendments in the regulatory framework, which are promulgated in the State Gazette of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Business Guide for SMEs explores four main stages of the lifecycle of an enterprise and comprise various business situations and operations, structured as following:

  • Business operations

Human resources

Accounting and reporting


Commerce activities

Personal data protection

Public procurement

Research and development (R and D)