EL BI BULGARICUM opens a new company shop in Sofia

EL BI BULGARICUM opens a new company shop in Sofia

“ The Ministry of Economy will do its best to keep the Bulgarian yoghourt “EL BI BULGARICUM” being the emblem of Bulgaria all over the world”, said the Deputy Minister of the economy during the opening of the company’s new store. In his speech he underlined that even being a state owned company EL BI BULGARICUM is absolutely competitive and shows having its place on the market.

“Developing innovative products EL BI BULGARICUM aims to keep its leader position as a producer of starter cultures”, he added.

The Deputy Minister put the accent on the support of the Ministry of Economy for the Bulgarian business and especially the help to the small and middle-size companies, to survive in the actual complex economical situation. “The most important thing now is to start the Operational program for innovations and competitiveness 2014-2020, so we can insure the financing of the business, our first priority” concluded Deputy Minister Petrov.

The newly open representative store of the chain El Bi Bulgaricum S.A. is the sixth commercial shop in the country and the fourth one in Sofia.

In the beginning of the next year El Bi Bulgaricum S.A. will offer some of its latest products to the Bulgarian market. These completely innovative products are developed by the specialized centre of scientific research of the company, oriented to the healthy life choice.

Some of the newest products of the company represent polybacterial preparations and yeasts improving the human health, they contain different types of lactic bacteria, having proved their / healing properties especially on the cholesterol reduction, antioxidant characteristics and immunomodulation. The preparations can be used in dry form as capsulated food supplement or as an additive to fermented milks.