Application of the Investment Promotion Act

Investment Promotion Act (IPA)

Rules on Implementation of the Investment Promotion Act

The main purpose of the Act is to promote investments in Bulgaria. Its scope includes the implementation and maintaining of investment projects of national importance. Projects shall meet the minimum requirements for amount of investment and employment to be created as stated in the Rules for Implementation of IPA. Investors are assisted in the implementation of their investment intentions from the start of the work on the project until  its launch.

Investors may apply for one of the following four types of certificates:

  • Certificate for investment project - Class A;
  • Certificate for investment project - Class B;
  • Certificate for investment project - Class C;
  • Certificate for Priority Investment Project.

The Certificate allows the investor to use the following incentives:

For investments Class A and Class B:

  1. Shortened terms for administrative service (for Class A and Class B);
  2. Individual administrative service (for Class А);
  3. Acquisition of property rights or establishment of limited rights to real estates, without a tender or a competition (for Class A and Class B);
  4. Financial support for development of elements of the technical infrastructure (for Class A or for 2 projects class B in an industrial zone);
  5. Financial support for training for attainment of professional qualification, for newly employed (only for investments either in the high technology economic activities or in the municipalities with high unemployment – for Class A and Class B).
  6. Financial support for partial reimbursement of the obligatory social insurance contributions made by the investor for the new jobs created with the investment project (Class A and Class B).

For investment Class C:

  1. Administrative services in terms up to one-third shorter provided by the mayor of the municipality in which the investment project is implemented;
  2. Individual administrative service provided by the mayor of the municipality in which the investment project is implemented;
  3. Acquisition of property rights or establishment of limited rights to real estate municipal property without tender or competition after market price determination by two independent assessors (the incentive is provided in case that it was not requested by an investor upon issuing of a certificate for Class A, Class B or for a priority investment project for the same real estate).

Priority Investment Projects are promoted with the 5 incentives for Class A and the following 4-5 additional stimuli:

  • Institutional support by the creation of a working group for administrative assistance by a Council of Ministers’ Decision;
  • Public-private partnership with administrative regions and municipalities, with academic community organizations, etc.;
  • The provision of the right of use or ownership to real estates for Priority Investment Projects could take place at prices lower than the market price (based on the tax assessment) and with the exemption from state fees for changing the land use.
  • Opportunity for provision of grants for investments in the processing industry and in education and scientific research.

Investment promotion policy aims at:

  • increase of investment for technologic development in high value-added manufacturing and services and creation of high productive jobs; decrease of regional disparities in the social and economic development.

Certificates issued under the Investment Promotion Act in the period 2008 - 2012

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