Structural statement (Act 14)

Updated last 26.03.2021

General information:

Act template 14 is one of the steps for the supervision of the construction activities, because this is the document for acceptance of the structure of the building, and upon its acceptance, you can move forward to the procedure for the issuance of Act template 15 and Act template 16 (for construction projects of the first to third category) or Commissioning Certificate (for construction projects of the fourth and the fifth category). More information on the different categories of construction projects can be found here.

It may be necessary to sign such an act, if you are in the role of the building contractor for the project, since Act template 14 is signed by the structural designer, the building contractor and the technically qualified natural person, responsible for the “Structural” part and issued to the person, exercising construction supervision.

Important to know
Important to know

For construction projects of the sixth category no acts and templates will be prepared, except for :

  • Structures of supplementary building up, with the exception of the structures, designated for production, public servicing or commerce and the structures under article 151, paragraph 1 of the Spatial Development Act;
  • Swimming-pools with a capacity of up to 100 m3 in fenced land properties;
  • Retaining walls with a height between 1,20 m. до 2 m. above the level of the terrain at their foundation, if these do not form part of transport facilities;
  • Solid fences of regulated land properties with a height of the solid part between 0,60 m. до 2,20 m., with the exception of the cases listed in art. 48, para.9 of the Spatial development act (SDA) [1], when the listed sites are located along the regulation lines (the boundaries of the land plots).

What does Act 14 contain?

Act template 14 contains:

  • Findings on the conformity of the construction project with the project based on data from the documentation prepared (construction journals – concrete, installation, etc., in conformity with the rules for the performance of the respective type of construction works);
  • The documents, evidencing the conformity of the used construction products with the requirements as per art. 169а, para. 1 of the SDA, etc., evidencing the usability in strict observation of the key requirements, applicable to the construction projects) in conformity with the applicable regulatory framework for the acceptance, performance and supervision of the individual types of construction works;
  • Assessment of the presence of defects, the possibilities for their remedying;
  • A conclusion on the acceptance of the structure upon meeting the requirements, applicable to construction projects, as per the SDA.
For more information
For more information

More information on the Template of Act 14 can be found in Ordinance No. 3 of 31.07.2003 for the preparation of acts and reports during construction, promulgated, SG No. 56 of 11.07.2017, effective as of 11.07.2017, under Appendix No. 14.

[1] The construction of fences in violation of the requirements is to be permitted by the chief architect of the municipality based on an individual architectural design, in accordance with the designation of the regulated land property and in order to ensure architectural uniformity.