The state prepares measures to reduce fuel prices

The state prepares measures to reduce fuel prices

The state is preparing measures to reduce fuel prices. This became clear at a joint briefing of Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stojanov and Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov. Negotiations with representatives of the companies Lukoil Neftohim and Lukoil Bulgaria have been launched today and will continue in the coming days within the framework of an expert working group, the aim of which is to optimize as much as possible the production and logistics processes in order to reach the lowest possible price for end users.

“Reducing fuel prices is a topic we have been working on literally since day one of the government”, Minister Nikola Stojanov said.

“In all the talks with the business and trade unions, the rising fuel prices were raised as a major problem for competitiveness”, Minister Rosen Hristov said during the briefing.

Inflation in Bulgaria for the first half of the year was 17.2%, which ranks us among the top EU countries in this indicator. There is no way to overcome this trend with state aid, because this only accelerates inflationary processes. That is why we as a government are changing the approach of action – by looking how to make the final price better for consumers, it became clear from the words of the two ministers. And while for individuals there is still support from the state with the discount of 25 stotinki per litre, for businesses there is no help.

Fuels are a major factor in shaping the final prices of all commodities because logistics is a major component of them. Every household pays their high prices directly and indirectly every day. Therefore, all mechanisms will be sought as soon as possible to achieve concrete results in efforts to reduce fuel prices.